14 February 2019

Switching Gears for a Moment

If things go according to plan, I'm going to try out Kill Team this weekend and get to spend some time with some old friends.

Most of my 40k stuff is long gone, and my pirate 'bots don't really fit within the 40k framework, so...

Dusted off my old cultists plus a few half-baked conversions that I'm going to try to finish.

What, no Spaven in Kill Team? OK... let's call them a Cheese-stealer Cult. Mostly shotgun (and a couple of flamer) armed neophyte hybrids, with a couple of Aberrations. That bell? The biggest power hammer you've seen.

Working to tidy up the conversions, not sure they've be 100% painted in time.

Went to the soon to be going out of business (since Michael's bought the chain and then killed them) craft store and spotted these!

I've got some bits that I had (years ago) started trying to pull together into a fantasy airship. I think I'm going to grab a couple of these....


  1. Kill Team, nice! It's quite a good little system, I play with a couple buds every Monday night. Definitely a much more entertaining way to play 40k, which is frankly exhausting, even under 8E (one of my Kill Teamers and I get the itch to play Bighammer occasionally, then we're reminded how much time and energy it involves to griiiiind through)

    Skaven Cult looks great, dig the aberrations to get some rogres in there. Those extra large bases will be a pain in the tight confines of KT, but I'm sure y'all can figure out some gentle rules to get around that, and it isn't as big of a deal as Bighammer squads.

    1. The model with the bell is going to be completely impractical. I don't expect to be using it long. This is just an excuse to finish the kitbash of left-over parts I had planned on doing years ago.

      I quit playing 40k around 3rd ed, when the scale of the game moved from smaller skirmishes to tables full of densely packed troops & tanks. (I preferred Epic for that type of game!) This will be first return since then.

  2. These are fantastic!

    A Friend of mine picked up some of the Mantic/Warpath Vermyn (space rats) to paint up for him to use as a Chaos Cultist Kill Team - but Genestealer cult is probably a better match...

    1. Since I already had the models done, I picked Genestealer cult mostly because I could match the equipment to the minis.

      I haven't seen mantic's figures, I'll have to take a look at them

    2. You probably have enough dudes already for a kill team. I only mentioned them in a - "hey, I'm kind of working on the same sort of thing" in a "Great minds think alike" (or "fools seldom differ") sort of way... If you do need more, though, they might be worth looking at.

      I think the Vermyn weapons are kind of goofy-looking, to be honest, so I've been replacing them with other bits I have...