24 May 2020

Zoom Group Painting (and a bit of gardening)

This morning I participated in a Zoom "meet & paint" session with some of the other Warhammer-Empire.com regulars. I've been on the forum for thirteen years, and it remains my favorite (LAF is a close second) due to the diversity and quality of the membership.

Five of us took part, from three different countries. There was a bit of figuring out the tech for all of us. But it went well, and I really enjoyed getting to see & hear everyone. I particularly liked the peek into some of the other hobby spaces & projects. I had to duck out early on the call. Today was the one likely day this weekend (or all week, possibly) that the weather was going to cooperate for finally getting our gardens in order.

Here's what I worked on while we chatted....

Almost finished two Midlam Miniatures hobgoblins, started a third, and got the first base colors on the second batch of Cauldronborn powrie.

After both topics of past Warhammer-Empire campaigns and pikemen conversions came up, I pulled out a long unfinished project that I've wanted to return to. I converted a regiment of skaven pikemen (pikerats?) that I had started for the Treachery and Greed campaign. I even did a little article on converting the figures. But the painting never got past the first sample figure. I should remedy that.

The background to the regiment was that in addition to simply adopting Tilean methods of warfare, the cowardice of the Skaven welcomed any innovation that would help keep the enemy at a distance. 

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