23 July 2020

Astroslannican Pt. 0

I am exploring the possibility of putting together a small Slann army for Rogue Trader using Diehard Miniatures Eru-Kin figures. (They looks awesome.) Possibly for the next Old World Army Challenge, which is rumored to be opening up to the 41st millennium.

While the Slann had a detailed entry in the RT core rulebook, the were coldly cold-bloodedly ignored in subsequent publications.

So that's where I hop on to the scene. The first step in my process is making sure that my character/unit/vehicle entries look suitably retro. So I'm recreating the graphics & layout used in the RT book as well as the army lists in Chapter Approved. I still have to refine the design, but here's where I'm at so far. Still work to do....

And here's a fresh,  contemporary entry template. Not quite 100% there yet, but working on it!


  1. Oh my god. A squad of displacer fields is going to be like orc 'ere we go' level insanity to resolve shooting phases.

    1. Quite! I'm on the fence about it, but that's how they're described as being equipped in Rogue Trader. Going to need a few playtests to see if its at all practical.

    2. I was thinking about this more and thought squad coherency might turn into a nightmare too. I'd love to hear the results of the play testing!