06 July 2020

Crucible Goblins to Daemons

I've based the new test figure, and repainted all green flesh on all the old Crucible goblins I had previously painted. I think these will to quite nicely as another regiment of daemons! I think I like the solid red feathers on the new figure better than the "stained" feathers on the old ones, though. Maybe repaint....?

Next... painting some of the unpainted Crucible goblins to round out the regiment.

I'm already starting to consider what other figures I could recruit as non-RoC/unaligned daemons.

My memory was jogged by a comment from Beefcake on the LAF that I still had a half-painted bat rider to accompany the Crucible goblins. After searching through some boxes, I found it. So that may (finally) get finished at some point.

In the same box I found these guys, in pretty rough shape -- a little bent, old paint chipping off. Ral Partha giant bees with a couple of unknown 15mm knights, since I didn't have the original riders. Painted for a never completed Hordes of the Things army. The figures were OOP for a long time, but I think Iron Wind Metals recently brought them back into production.

Not sure what to do with these.

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