24 October 2020

Dwarfs and Stuff

 I have completed 4/10 dwarfs for the two month sqaud challenge. More Marauder Miniatures dwarfs.


I've been a bit distracted by other things, such as...


My 10th wedding anniversary. I had planned a nice get-away trip -- but Covid. So instead the love of my wife got assorted trinkets -- the dinosaur suit seemed like a big success!

I've been partially back at the office for a couple of months now. Me and the guy at the desk next to me alternate weeks working in & out of the office. (Attempting to limit numbers and proximity in the building.) On the low wall that separates our spaces, he's got a bunch of finger puppets that look like hands. I've been messing with them each week before I leave, both to entertain myself and hopefully him as well. Bring a bit of levity to an awkward work situation. This week I went a bit overboard. I bought some of the finger puppets as well and sculpted & painted on a pair of them, inspired by a favorite movie monster. I hope he gets the film reference!


A while ago, I got a few blank "Sank the Child" art toys from artist Huiyang Guo aka Sank Toys to do with as I pleased. It's taken me far too long to get around to finishing one, but I've recently got some solid work on the first one.


  1. I love the dwarfs! And those art toys are wild, I'm going to have to check them out!

    1. Thanks!

      My own custom art toy alter ego is... https://www.infiniterabbits.com/

  2. Happy Anniversary! Any relationship which includes dinosaur suits is well worth celebrating! :)

    (Love the dwarves, too)

    1. Thank you! I think our shared sense of humor - frequently absurd, and more than occasionally inappropriate - is one of the foundations of our relationship. :D