04 February 2021

Small Mix

Randomly painting a handful of figures lately. Familiar themes, but following my whims...

Not sure where the guy on the right is from, but figured he would make a good sci-fi civilian. The figure on the left (from Reaper, I believe) was painted years ago at a speed painting contest at Historicon. I figured he could also be drafted into service as a sci-fi civilian, so I finished his base to match the others.

A pair of skeletons from Northstar. I got a pack of these to see if they would fit well with other oldschool metal skeletons...

...so here they are with recently painted figures from Citadel, Marauder, and Grenadier. Thoughts?

More stuff just starting to get paint on my painting desk (along with four more of the Northstar skeletons)... another Eldar color test, a couple of old Citadel chaos champions to use as sci-fi ne'er-do-wells, and the life/death duo I recently bought on a whim.

I increasingly find myself learning to enjoy cooking. In particular, spending time outdoors grilling & eating on the back patio helped get me through the Covid isolation for a long time. Now that winter is hear, I'm still experimenting with cooking a lot of new dishes, but not spending time outdoors. Feeling a little cabin fever setting in already.

But last weekend I was making white chili for the first time and wanted to roast some poblano peppers over actual fire. I decided 35°F is good grilling weather (and it was!) so I fired up the grill and went at it. Our dog also misses spending time with us outdoors -- and grilling too, since she usually got some scraps! No peppers for her, but she did come outside and run around the yard (in her pajamas) with me like a couple of fools. I think she misses the warm weather as much as I do.

We've currently got some snow on the ground, but just a couple of inches. However temperatures will be dipping down to single digit numbers this coming week. So I'm glad to have had a brief moment outside with my dog and grill.

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