26 January 2021

Old World Army Challenge 2021 -January Entry

I was getting nervous. Work and personal life were keeping me busy through the third week of Janary and I hadn't started my first month's entry for the Old World Army Challenge!

But after a frenzied weekend-plus of painting, I managed to pull it off.I was helped out by the relatively simple color scheme. I painted Eldar serpent squads to match the previous test figure.

See more preview photos, words & stories, and stuff at the actual Old World Army Challenge blog! Go there and see how I have already derailed my carefully planned out OWAC schedule right out of the gate. Take a look at the other AWESOME entries that have been posted by other participants so far.
After being away from sci-fi painting/gaming so long, I'm getting psyched up about this project as well as the Meat Hating Robots. Jamming out to space themed music while working on these projects, too. Current mood:

I'm also working on some fluffy setting stuff. A lot in my head or in Google Docs files right now, but I've been letting bits slip in the OWAC entry, my Instagram account (@023minis) etc.

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