04 October 2022

Overdue OWACV Summary (Season of the Liche)

I realize that I have not kept up very well with cross-posting my Old World Army Challenge progress (or completion) from the first half of the year. Since I'm at a bit of a lull otherwise, I figure I would share the final photos, with maybe minimal commentary.
As shared previously, this year's theme was Season of the Liche, for several reasons. What started as a serious undead "fast attack" faction devolved into semi-psychedelic inspired absurdity. But it was fun! I mean, I've enjoyed each OWAC, but the last two seem like wonderful diversions into nostalgia and not-taking-things-so-seriously. Although I didn't wear the sleeveless T-shirt (because flamingos) I even bought the mullet wig this year, which no one else in the OWAC had the dedication to do! ;)
I'm not sure where that leaves me for next year. I'm back to having another serious project lined up. Maybe.
You can click to enlarge most of the photos below. To see full commentary and (probably better photos) check out my 2022 entries at the OWAC site!


  1. Well, I can truly say that the wraith in the pink onesie made my day. When Death comes for me, I hope he's got bunny ears.

    1. Haha, thanks. That was the "offering" figure sent to the guy who runs the OWAC. :)