15 October 2023


Random and scattered update...

I am thinking about harvesting a bunch of thistles from across the fence behind our yard and putting them on some bases to use as alien flora.

Completely random, but I regret no buying these shoes yesterday. Still time to go back, I suppose.

I painted some stuff for Orctober!! Half-orc kitbash, mostly Oathmark human, but with a mystery head. Maybe from a zombie? I forget where it came from. The goblin shaman is, I think, from Clan War.

I found bits for most of (3) RTB01 marines. The top green figure is the last remainder from my original 80's Mantis Warrior army. (Started painting them purple but switched when the Badab War article came out in White Dwarf.)

Resin spinner-esque vehicle, I believe from Scotia-Grendel.

Trying to continue building/painting new sci-fi terrain for gaming soon!

There may be a Thomas the Deodorant Stick Grav-Attack on deck...


  1. Some nice new kit on the table, loving your terrain bits too


  2. Deodorant stick grav tanks, now that is really old skool. I can't wait to see how that turns out!