09 October 2023

Five Months From Painted Factions - more planning

I've done some more thinking and unearthing figures. My plan is to start painting in November, prep as much as I can in October.

I just prepped figures for the Primitive faction and started thinking about non-human primitives and there it is, right in the book. So I prepped some aliens. Figures from the Hadross faction from Wrath of Kings.

Contemplating these as a start to a Hulker Gang faction, but they have no guns. I would also need a few more. 

I also gathered together some Supporting Characters, two of which I started long ago but fell by the wayside. These will be "bonus figures" if I finish my goal for the month and still have time to paint more.

So here's the game table, with most of what I've got prepped so far. (Click/tap to enlarge)

Still thinking a lot about terrain as well. My hobby budget is back to zero these days, so I'm going to have to do everything on the cheap. Luckily I have a bin in which I save random trash that looks like it could someday be terrain. Pulled out some stuff from my "box o' junk" and think I have a few ideas.

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