09 June 2024

Five Minutes from the Grave

Tra La La, Tra La La La

Campaign Turn 1 (part 2)
aka Five Minutes from the Grave

As documented in my previous entry, I finally dove into all the campaign steps for my Five Bananas From Home crew as a way to learn the rules i a lighthearted way. As described, our "heroes" landed on the sixth planet in the Tejas system after some minor difficulties. Bingo hit the starport, got lost, gambled away some of the team's stash, while the other three bananas made plans to meet up with Snork's contact.

Today the three active Bananas hit the econo-lot a the Arlington Memorial Spaceport on a gloomy afternoon. However they found their fake IDs were missing (thanks to Bingo) and encountered a few guards. Not a major problem, right?

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Snork's contact is left of the toxic pool. The Bananas are labeled in the background (Fleegle is hidden behind the orange transformer station) and the three guards are in the foreground.

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There was a slow start due to limited visibility. There's not a lot of details to be had. The battle lasted about 6-7 turns. First a bit of movement, everybody darting from cover to cover. Snork met his contact, the first part of the mission accomplished. Noe they just had to hold the field in the firefight. The first two turns the Bananas dodged rifle shots while landing a few non-lethal shots. Fleegle had to use his luck to avoid becoming a casualty right out of the gate. But within two more turns it was over.

Three Banana casualties bleeding out in the econo-lot, one unconscious in a gutter somewhere.

A noble start.

Maybe I'll write up the narrative later. Hopefully the next turn goes better.

Post battle wrap-up:

Fleegle: Minor Injuries
Drooper: Minor Injuries
Snork: Gruesome Fate (rerolled) Minor Injuries
Bingo: A Pounding Headache and a scar where his left kidney used to be.

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