03 June 2024

Six Flags from Tejas (Campaign Turn 1, Part 1)

 Tra La La, Tra La La La

Campaign Turn 1 (part 1)
aka Six Flags from Tejas

After lively and mildly violent debate, the crew of the Suspect Device arrived in the Tejas system and landed on the sixth planet from the sun, Arlington. They were there to follow up on a rumor with one of Snork's contacts as well as check in on the legendary entertainment district just outside of Arlington's core spaceport.

Although the crew failed to con their way through licensing procedures, they did manage to buy off the official and dock without attracting too much attention from either Unity troops, planetary law enforcement, or local crime syndicates.

After securing dock space in the main port of Arlington, the crew set about their business. Snork worked the rumors from his prior contact and immediately generated additional cachet with the locals. Drooper went to work in the markets and landed a sweet deal on a glare sword. He was already carrying his father's sword but thought he might teach Bingo the art of fencing as an alternative to bludgeoning enemies with the huge rusty pipe he had been carrying around the past few years. Unfortunately Bingo wandered off into the seedier parts of the spaceport and passed out in a dark corner of some gambling den after losing all of his personal credits along with the fake Unity ID that has got him out of past complications. Fearless leader, Fleegle, stayed on ship working out in his quarters insisting that the most important thing was buffing himself up  to impress the locals. 

Snork gathered the Splits together -- well, the 2 other Splits who were not unconscious and robbed blind in some sleezy casino -- and proposed a simple plan to check in with one of his new contacts in the "economy parking" field outside the main spaceport. Yes, it was in a restricted zone governed by the Interplanetary Transit Security Authority.... but they had Bingos fake Unity IDs. What could go wrong?

So the set-up is an opportunity scenario outside a gloomy spaceport with limited visibility. Perfect for the Banana Splits crew! But the fake ID gambit failed since Bingo lost his in a dice game. In fact, Bingo -- the strongest close combat fighter -- won't even show up because he's lost for the turn. OK, fine. Nothing that some extreme violence can't solve. The other 3 Splits face off against 3 corporate security mercs. The mercs better trained, and better in a long range firefight, but the Splits may still be do OK in the limited visibility even without their close combat beast.

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