Wanted List

My list of wanted miniatures & other items. I will add photos or links as time (and availability) permits.


Empire: Hero with Halberd, Hero with Halberd 3, Hero with Sword

Undead: '80s metal skeletons

Undead: Plastic skeleton cavalry (first set, ‘80s)

Goblins: '80s metal goblins

Wood Elves: Wild Riders (current plastic)

Fimir: Meargh head ("Head 3")


MM40/1 Trolls (just these two)

MM61 FIghter Command: Fighter with spear (MM61/1 or FC2?)


Warmachine: Cryx Bane Thralls (plastic)

Perry: WotR plastic Mounted Men at Arms, Men at Arms on Foot

Artizan: Landsknechts

White Knight: Dwarfs, various.

Battlezone, Undead: Non-human skeletons

Scotia Grendel, Undead: Non-human skeletons. Orcs: "Generic Fantasy" orcs.

Various: Landsknecht, Late medieval, Ancient German/barbarian casualties.

Various: Wolves

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