24 April 2009

Pimpin the minis

One of a few submissions I made to the Wargames Factory "Liberty & Union League" has popped up. So time for some shameless promotion...


As I state in that entry, I've also made a separate submission for unarmoured infantry.

I don't know if it will get anywhere, but I like the concept of newer, inexpensive medieval pikemen that can also be built as halberdiers. The plastic figures would be ideal since there are a number of pike based medieval armies that require boatloads of them. I'd love a Swiss and/or Flemish opponent for my Burgundians (as well as a few more pike for them as well.) :D

The only comparable metal figures I know of are:

Old Glory: Inexpensive, but not great quality.
Foundry: Decent figures, but a bit dated, especially for the price.
Mirliton: (Old Copplestone "spearmen.") Similar to comments re: Foundry. Very limited number of figures (5).
Front Rank: (See my previous entry.) Very nice figures, but all in the same pose.

So, if you're interested in something similar, I encourage you to go "vote" for this entry, and the other one when it shows up.


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