03 May 2009

One More Day


Tomorrow I may have some photos to post. I've mostly been painting other people's figures lately, but I've managed to squeeze in some Numidian cavalry for myself that I'd like to finish tomorrow. I've also had quite a few other things (out of town visitors, non-miniature projects) going on lately. And the weather is starting to warm up here, so I've been off on a few bike rides.


Next week a few friends are getting together for a small WAB day. Just 1000 point armies, but we should get in a few games against different opponents. I usually prefer larger games, but we're hoping to get some new players into the game. I was contemplating Romans, but I think it looks like I'll do Gauls with some German allies this time.

Game Night?

Back when I was still in school, before moving back to Cleveland (Ohio) a friend and I used to drive to Cleveland (about 45 minutes away from where I went to school) on Friday nights for a game night at another friend's house. There were usually about 4-6 of us playing a big game of 40k at the time. It was usually a long night of toy soldiers, laughs, beer and pizza. I think we all got sick of 40k, but it was still time well spent with friends.

So I've (unfortunately) lost touch with them, but I'm thinking of trying to start a Friday game night at my place. Maybe just once a month to start. We have a regular WFB night at the semi-local store, so I'd like to try some different games. I'm thinking of maybe WAB, Man-o-War and possibly DBA. Also beer and pizza. And laughs and good times.

I don't know of much gaming going on in Cleveland east of the Crooked River (the Cuyahoga.) There are no game stores on this side of town (in fact, all of the Cleveland game stores seem to be huddled within a few miles of each other!) and West Siders are notoriously fearful of coming to the East Side. This could be a challenge, but who knows...

First, I need people. Otherwise, it's just me sitting around on a Friday night playing with myself. o_O

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