22 August 2010


Still not much to mention in terms of painting or games.

I've done a bit more reading lately than I've had time for in a while.

I had picked up Tom Holland's Rubicon after reading some reviews and being a bit curious. I started reading it a short time ago, because I got sick of lugging around Peter Green's phone-book sized Alexander to Actium. I'm halfway through the latter, but since most of my reading time comes in small doses at lunch or any other time I can grab 20-30 minutes, the lack of portability has slowed me down.

Rubicon was (mostly) familiar territory for me (later Roman Republic) but I enjoyed the way in which he wrote so much that I ran out and picked up a copy of Persian Fire the day after I finished Rubicon. I'm much less familiar with the topic (early Achaemenid Persian Empire and their run-ins with the Greeks) and am enjoying it as much as the first book. I'm about half way through Persian Fire, and I'm already debating whether or not to give Millennium a try.

Of course (to relate this to wargames, somehow) in the midst of reading of Persians and Greeks, Immortal Miniatures has sent out a tasty looking email regarding their next few sets of plastic figures... Greeks and Persians, naturally.

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