18 September 2010

Chalk Festival, Ingenuity & More Mystery Sculpting

More non-wargaming or miniature painting stuff... (but don't worry, more of that soon!)

Last year I posted about the Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival, along with some pics of past chalk drawings. This year I ran down for a quick afternoon of drawing. My fiance (wife in a couple weeks!) was sick and had to bow out. I feel bad, as she's the one who got me into the festival in the first place and I know how much she enjoys it.

This year I sort of got stuck with a small space to work in. So it was about 1/2 the size as usual, and I finished in a very short time, had to sacrifice some of what I had planned & some of the detail. A bit disappointing, but trying not to let it bug me.

I stuck with the same cartoony theme I've done since the first time. I've got to admit, I like it when the kids recognize the rabbit & snail from the previous years. :)

While on the topic of festivals & public artsy stuff, I will be part of the Line of Sight
"mural" project at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival
this year. I (and a number of other artists) will be painting a "mural" on a big 8'x4' board throughout the festival. It's a really cool festival, and this year it has moved to the location of last year's Bridge Festival, on the lower level of the Detroit-Superior bridge, in Cleveland. A great site!

Came home and after some other things and a nap, I've been working on the "mystery sculpt" again. Here's part of it (1 of 2 pieces.)

The other part is curing under a lamp (I hope), as I want to work on it more before going to bed.

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