01 May 2011

Phalanx, Primer, Crusader, Campaign

Phalanx Test

This is my first phalanx test figure. The base isn't painted yet. Most of the figure was painted using blocked out colors, then a wash using my Substance-D. The only post-wash painting was the face of the shield and the pike shaft. I'm considering getting some decals for the final shield design.

Armory Primer

There is a saying, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." I would like to amend this to contain the third phrase, "fool me a third time and I must be a f-ing idiot." Why? I primed my first 24 phalanx using Armory primer. I had run out of my usual Krylon, and the only stores that seem to carry it are across town. I had no plans (nor time) to go across town for a can of primer, so I figured I would give the Armory another chance as I still have cans and cans of the stuff (all colors, plus clear) filling a small crate. Everything went fine. I did a test figure and it worked fine. I did a few other figures, they primed fine. I put 24 Macedonians on the painting board -- they turn out fuzzy. F-ing worthless Armory primer.

Crusader Miniatures

On a more positive note, I would like to state (once more) how much I love Crusader brand figures. My first 72 Macedonians (including the one above) are Crusader. I've also got about 24-28 Crusader Thureophori to work on. I also own and have painted some of his Ancient Germans, Spanish, Romans, Numidians, and the recently posted Carthaginians.

They are clean figures, both in terms of sculpting and casting. Because of this they paint up quickly, and look nice and distinct on the tabletop. As a US customer, I appreciate that they have a North American distributor/caster, as it saves me a bundle on postage that I would pay ordering from some of the other UK companies/sculptors that I would otherwise like to buy from. That's a big advantage to adding +40% for overseas postage from the UK from some companies. At any rate, I for all of those reasons I am a fan of, and enjoy painting and collecting Crusader figures!

Ancients Campaign

As much as I had been looking forward to trying to put together a Diadochi campaign, I think I may try a Roman "end of the Republic" campaign first. Of the 5 local WAB players I know, we now have 4 Roman armies, and one "barbarian" who we can easily work in. My thought is to divide into two major factions (Optimates and Populares or whatever) with two Romans in each faction, then toss the barbarian player in as a bit of a wild card. I'll set up a map that will determine resources (points and troop options) are available to those possessing different territories. Points will be assigned in two groups, Core (mainly legion & Roman characters) and Allies/Mercenaries/Levies.

Attacks will be made in adjacent territories, or if an army is in a territory with a port and is willing to risk a hazardous sea voyage (roll on a table for effects) they can move to another port location. Moving into an unoccupied territory means you take possession of it (I'm thinking of throwing in a random table to see if there is some sort of temporary side effect.) Moving into a territory with an enemy army in it means a battle. Each army will have a certain amount of the total faction points assigned to it. Battles can be fought between any player or players from the faction involved, based on who is available to play. I figure this will allow the campaign to continue without getting bogged down by people's schedules, while letting those who are not as frequently available still get to play some occasional games.

I'm thinking of putting a couple of special rules for a few territories and/or troop types. Maybe something like Egypt requiring a dedicated garrison force, Germania can not be conquered, bringing too many foreign troops into Italy or Rome will risk an uprising, some troop options become unreliable if taken too far from home, etc.

At least those are my thoughts thus far. Maybe this can be a practice run for a Successor campaign to see what works & what doesn't.


  1. Nice work so far. Crusader makes some nice figures. I have their Thureophoroi and Thracian Peltasts. Nice detail and sturdy for gaming. I saw a size comparison on Simon's blog I think. For what it's worth, those new Aventine phalangites are the about the same size as Crusader. Regards, Dean

  2. I would like to get some of those Thracians, too. Right now my gaming budget is still frozen, unfortunately.

    The Aventine figures look nice, but my main concern is that the shields seem to be a rimmed design, which is different than all of the Crusader & Foundry figures I've already got.

    I just looked and I though I had also posted a comparison of a few manufacturers (Crusader, Foundry, 1st Corps & Vendel/Molon Labe but it looks like I may have only put it up on WAB forum. Will do that now, as well as looking up Simon's comparison.

    I hope mine end up looking as good as your Seleucids. That was a great looking army you posted