01 May 2011

Game Day 24 & More Vinyl

Game Day 24

Saturday was my old game club's 24th Game Day.

I arrived a bit late for the early game, but it seemed like it had just started, so I got thrown into it. "Toho Monster Explosion" is a home brewed giant monster game that we've played for quite some time. I was Guillon, and my high point was chasing Godzilla off the table. (Well, OK, I had some help, but I was the one to strike the final blow.)

After that I had a bit of a horror theme going. I played in The In-Between, a home brewed mystery game. I went insane at the end of the game. At the same time, a game of Man-o-War was being played on the other side of the room. Now I've got Man-0-War my mind, and may dig up my fleets and try to see if I can dredge up an opponent.

In the third time slot, I ran another horror/mystery game. I broke with tradition and brought a board game, Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It was a good game, we ended up with two Traitors, and three of the four remaining Explorers lived and "won" (but just barely.) Another group was playing WFB, Warriors of Chaos against Skaven. I believe the Skaven won, but I'm not certain of that.

The late slot was Circus Maximus. We started with eight charioteers, and by the time we completed the first lap, there were only three left. The lead chariot was in much better shape than the remaining two (of which I was one) and couldn't lose. Below you can see the entry to the second turn, which was the doom of three or four chariots.

Another fun day of games! It's still a way off, but I should start planning something new for Game Day 25.

More Vinyl (New Muny)

Last week I finally finished the next Munny vinyl toy I was working on. Inspired by the opera I attended when I had started it, I have titled him, "Donna Anna's Song of Cruel, Cruel Vengeance," or shortened as, "Giovanni."

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  1. Great looking chariot race game there! That "Muny" figure is disturbingly well done/painted. Regards, Dean