06 May 2011

Wargames Factory Resolution

As I explained in a previous entry, I've had a bit of difficulty collecting payment for painting services performed for Wargames Factory.

Yesterday was the final step in a resolution of the issue. I accepted payment in WF product in lieu of cash, and after about a month of delays, said product finally arrived on my doorstep.

Since those to whom I have financial obligations (utility bills, the grocery store, etc.) are not as gracious as I am in taking toy soldiers as "legal tender" I am now looking to convert this plastic currency into something with which I can pay my own bills. After setting aside figures for myself and friends, I have the following available at $12 per box, plus postage:

6x Shock Troops
2x War of Spanish Succession Infantry
1x Ancient Numidian Infantry
5x Ancient Persian Infantry
2x Ancient Persian Cavalry

If you buy three or more, I will drop the price to $10 each. Buyer pays postage.


  1. product is not nearly as good as cash, but at least you got something.

    I need to consult with the spouse to see if there is any budget for some figures this year.

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