09 December 2011

Aerial Progress & Cold Wars Ancients

WWI Aerial

Per previous request, here's a shot of everything I've got done so far. Since the last entry, I assembled the Revell S.E.5a, which looks great and went together very quickly and painlessly - a big difference from the Sopwith Tripe.

Note, the DR.1 on the "ground" is the Eduard model I'm working on for a friend, not mine. Earlier this week I picked up some "music wire" from the local hobby store. It's a little finer than the wire I used on the Pup. I'm going to try it out on the minimal rigging on the DR.1.

I'm going to get a list of all the planes awaiting assembly soon.

Cold Wars

Apparently the GM registration for the Cold Wars PEL snuck up on everyone. It seems a bit early to me (and apparently to others.) I hadn't planned on making any final decisions until after the holidays, but I wanted to get in the PEL, so I made a last minute decision last night. I'll be running a pair of WAB games on Friday morning/afternoon, called "Hispania Ulterior" featuring Lucius Hirtuleius vs. Marcus Domitius Calvinus in some Rome on Rome action with plenty of special guests.

Guess I'll find out if WAB has any life left in it. ;)

So if I can tear myself away from the planes for a bit, they may take a bit of a back seat to finishing up some more Romans & Spanish by March.


  1. Love those plans! What system if any do you plan on using them for again?


  2. Nice work; I love the look of the Albatross - I had a model kit of one when I was a kid & still recall it with fondness. Best, Dean

  3. Looking good so far!

    Are you going to add some early war planes too?

  4. @Chtistopher: I'm using Blue Max/Canvas Eagles:


    @Dean: Although it's not the best plane in terms of gameplay, I love the Albatros, and more often than not use it over better planes. Now that I've started collecting, I've already picked up three. :)

    @Lasgunpacker: I'm going to do mid-to-late war for now. I may go back and add some earlier planes later on. I do already have a Morane-Saulnier N that came with a batch of other planes I bought. Not sure how I feel about fiddling about with all the pushers of the early war.