08 December 2011

A Day To Live In...

Today I turned 40 years old.

I usually do a Pearl Harbor themed graphic for my birthday. But since I've been recently obsessed with WWI aviation, and I love this photo, I went with it. It's a Handley Page O/400. I found it at Breguet's Crash Files.

I'm actually expecting one in 1/72 kit form sometime this week, along with what should be the end of my WWI plane purchases -- at least for the moment. I still need to buy the remaining flight stands and a mat.

I finished the Sopwith Triplane... barely. I almost gave it up for a bit of terrain as a wrecked plane. It was that much of a pain in the ass to assemble, and really does look pretty bad. Photos forthcoming.

I was wondering if this was standard Revell quality, since the two Airfix planes were of pretty different quality. So I opened a S.E.5a and was pleased to see that it looks much better.

I've got a lot of thoughts running through my head about wargaming at 40. I'm going to let them roll around in there a little longer before writing anything (if I write anything at all.)


  1. Holy cow. That plane looks huge. I didn't know they came in large back then. Best, Dean

  2. All the best:) Magic birthday, some say, I didn't notice that though:)

  3. Happy birthday!

    Any chance of a squadron shot?

  4. Forty????....I got shoes older than you...Happy Birthday

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.