13 January 2012

OEGB finished

I painted up OEGB.

He's painted as a cockatiel in honor of our old bird, Butthead aka "Tweeter" aka "The Screeching Harpy of Jawndomay. He was my wife's bird from long before we met. He hated other birds, and wasn't terribly fond of most people, but had a bit of a dog fetish. He was obsessed with her room mate's dog, and went through withdrawal when we moved in together. After we got our dog, he became obsessed again. First he would flip out if the dog wasn't within line of sight. Then it became freak-out time if the dog wasn't in the same room. Then it was non-stop screeching if the dog wasn't laying right at the base of his cage.

I wanted to like the bird but... well, he was kind of a dick. Like I said, he wasn't fond of people, and was afraid of hands (it made changing his food & water & cleaning his cage a bit of a challenge.) For I while I swore I was going to train him to be more friendly so he could ride on my shoulder, pirate style. That didn't go so well. But I did get him to be OK with taking treats (a bit of popcorn in the photo below) from my mouth, and he would give me "kisses" (gentle nibbles?) on my nose.

Tweeter had two eyes, though.


  1. Really amazing stuff. Art in its own right. Best, Dean

  2. You could always get a new one that you could launch from a trebuchet to take out pigs......