06 January 2012


I got the first bit of hobby time in about a month today. I spent about 15 minutes priming the OEGB and one of the planes I built a few months ago.

I put the beak, wings and legs on the OEGB last month. That, along with a bit of cleaning in the stoodii (while waiting for putty to cure) made up most of Decembers 3+/- hours of hobby time.

He's about 4" total height. The body roughly matches the size of the OEGR. I'm thinking about painting him similar to a cockatiel, as a tribute to our old bird. Firefox's spell check doesn't like the word "cockatiel" and recommends "cockatrice" instead.

I should really change the "vinyl toys" tag to just "toys" since I'm doing very little with vinyl lately.

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  1. I reckon you could do a good trade with them. They are very aesthetic..I like them a lot.