11 November 2015


I saw quite a bit about "Orctober," and have started seeing a few themed November fantasy projects. So I'm going to jump the gun and plan on...


I started 2015 trying to reenter the hobby in some way. I've got grand plans for solo gaming, developing a narrative campaign, and have even accomplished quite a bit on terms of a battlefield (table & terrain.) But the theme of 2015 has really been the building of an Undead army.

It looks like November will be busy with other things, but I'm thinking that maybe I should make one last year-end push to get as much of the remaining undead done as possible. Who are the potential (unpainted) beneficiaries?

6 (of 13) more units of skeletons.
1 (of 2) more units of skeleton elite.
1 skeleton colossus.
2 (of 5) Undeadish infantry.
1 (of 2) Undeadish cavalry.

Plus a few more individual characters and critters.

I'm going to need a bigger table...

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