12 September 2016

Marienburg on the March

Here's what's hitting the road for Oldhammer Day 2016. Plus the baggage train. It's been so long, I have no idea how they will do. I'm counting on at least going out looking flashy, if nothing else.

Maybe I should print up an alternate Marienburg list with a giant in it. I can swap the dwarfs for a giant plusabout 25 pts. to put into something else. (I'm also bringing an all-giant army in case anyone is willing to play it, just for a laugh.)


  1. Army looks amazing. You've got the flamboyant marienburg feel about them.

  2. Lovely army, and I like how it has that early Empire feel with the dwarves and the halflings amongst the puff and slash of the humans. This mix of several different eras of figures is great too.

  3. Wonderful looking army, very impressive!

  4. What a fantastic looking army! Have you set out exactly what your army consists of? I'd love to see the unit list.
    Good luck on the gaming table!