01 September 2016

WFB3 Reference Materials

The Marienburg list isn't quite 100% done, but close. 1500 points for pick-up games. Giant stat cards are printed & laminated. Two sets, one for me, the other for opponents. I should make some sort of markers for giants that show up drunk. What I really need to do is finish painting some halberdiers.


  1. Wow! those all look stunning! I must do the same for my dwarf army!!!

    1. Thanks! As far as the Warhammer Armies style roster, that was partially inspired by your pics using Prisma. I got curious, and when I saw the results of some of the B&W filters, I knew what I wanted to do with it. (Plus an additional bit of Photoshoppery...)

    2. I guess these use a basic template, that you can edit with your own imagres? Is there any chance you cn share th template?

    3. Sorry, Justin. Your comment got moderated by Blogger for some reason and I haven't been getting notifications, I just saw & published it now.

      Regarding the template... This is going to sound crazy, but I scanned the pages from my Armies book, then edited in my own images, and then edited the text by deleting, copying and pasting as required. I'm working on a better template method. If I get a template set up, I'd be more than happy to share. What I'd really like to do is find matching fonts.