26 December 2016

Giftsmas '16

We're still working on visiting family for the holiday, but had a nice Christmas morning at home. This year I even got closer to receiving a gaming related gift than I have before, with an awesome retro themed Stranger Things t-shirt. ;)

For fun, we all got new "onsie" pajamas to wear for Christmas eve/morn. (I'm sporting a fuzzy wookie pelt.) 

A week or two ago, I jumped on the opportunity to pick up a second hand set of Northumbrian Tin Soldier "Time Robbers." I loved these figures the second I saw them (earlier this year?) so even though I shouldn't have been buying myself gifts... I couldn't help myself. They arrived Christmas Eve, so that's also like a Christmas present... to myself. ;)

Of course, this means I need to get the rest of the range, now. :)

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