04 December 2016

Deadcember Miscellany

Rapid work on two more figures for Deadcember. And more cheating. ;)

One is a wight that I got in a trade. It was painted very close to my own style, so I just kept the paint, gave him a new shield and base. I think it's another old Citadel figure.

The other is the third of my vulture sculpts. Finally painted after working on the sculpting for many long years, and then the figure has been primed and sitting on my desk since earlier this year. Going with the limited pallette of the Undeadish again -- but I probably still could have done a little better. Worked on it in little five minute increments, whenever I could get to it, over the past few days. I should get a photo of the three sculpts together.


  1. They both look great. You are doing Deadcember honour. I'd love to seem more pics and more angles of your "vulture sculpt".

  2. Thanks. I'm going to dig up the other two vulture sculpts and get some more pics when I get a chance.

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