04 September 2017

New Fomorians + XXL

Finished the first round of the new Bones conversions, plus the XXL Fomorian. I took Shadespyre's advice and drilled a hole down the latter's club and slipped a brass rod in, to keep it straight. Capped with some CA glue. Worked perfectly.

I also rebased some more of the painted dire wolves I got a while ago. The only painting I did was a little touch-up drybrushing. I needed a few on single bases to work out for playing KoW. They are to stand in for moor hounds until I find more suitable models.

Still working on a couple of single figures, these should be the next two to be finished...


  1. Great stuff as always.
    Did you have any issues assembling the undead horse? Mine needs lots of green stuff work to fill the gap between the halves.

  2. The horse was already assembled. I got it used on eBay. Looked pretty good too, didn't have much prep to do on it. :)

  3. Moor hounds more like this perhaps? https://footsoreminiatures.co.uk/collections/new-releases/products/picts-scots-warhounds

    1. Possibly... but larger. Just remembered I have a few along those lines, packed away somewhere. http://s11.photobucket.com/user/ZeroTwentythree/media/brb/brbhnd02.jpg.html I think a few are Orion's hounds from Citadel, and... not sure about the others. Celtos or Chronopia?

      Still, for this project, I'd like them bigger and a more distinct color. I'm thinking something a bit supernatural & spooky, along the lines of Herne or Cernunnos' wild hunt.

      Or the hounds of Kerenos, from Moorcock's second Corum series. :) I have long wanted to do a Fhoi Myore army, but instead that idea has been seeping out in pieces. The "undeadish" are my twist on the Brothers of the Pine. The hounds. I'm still planning to do a decrepit Balor/Balahr in a chariot at some point, even if just for fun.

    2. Also, looking through that manufacturer's web site is making me want to get back into dark age minis. (And regretting I sold all mine.)

  4. You mentioned the Corum link before, there's some great imagery in that series. My long wishlist of projects includes Sea Elves in sea shell helms and shields, which is from that series too I think.