26 August 2017

Fomorian XXL - WIP

The XXL sized Fomorian is just about ready for paint.

I'm having problems with the bendy Bones club. I softened it with hot water, straightened it out and held it under cold water. It stayed straight for a few days, but then went back to being bent. This is consistent with my previous attempted at straightening the Bones material on other figures. I think the material just doesn't work the same way many resins do.

He's shown here next to the four regular sized converted Bones Fomorians for comparison.


  1. He's looking cool. Do you think a quicker cooling in ice water would help? I really don't care for bones in general, that being said it's great for making large or mass quantities of figures within my price range. I just bought a bunch of Ankhegs.

  2. I'm generally drilling through the length of the weapon and inserting a metal pin or rod to keep them straight. You can do the same with limbs etc too with a bit of care. The Bonesium is easy to cut up and drill, after all.

    I got my Bones 3 haul this week, there are some *insane* models in there! The dragons are enormous! Definitely going to be threading those with brass rod to support themselves.