27 October 2017

Comment Moderation

Since the word verification for comments hasn't stopped the flood of spam, I've turned on comment moderation so those assholes from the scam casino will never have a comment appear, even for a minute. If that doesn't deter them, than commenting will go away from this blog entirely, at least for a while.

That sucks, since I have almost no in-person gaming interaction, this blog and a few groups/fora are my only real connection to the outside gaming world anymore. And this one is "my sandbox," as it were. But I'm growing tired of trying to keep up with the human garbage spamming my blog.


  1. That would be a shame, but understandable.

  2. Sorry to hear about that. Lately, some of my comments are being duplicated - even on my own blog. Very annoying. :)

    1. I found that happening to my own replies, I believe from going "back" after replying from my phone. I think it was reposting as it reloaded the page on my way backwards. So now I try to avoid doing that.

  3. Have you tried blocking profiles ? I've got no spam since I've blocked the few spammers.
    By clicking on the names you can see the google profile and block them, there's an option from the comment section in blogger as well.