31 October 2017

Halloween 2017

I should be playing KoW in a couple weeks. This is what I'm thinking of taking, nothing but bones. I needed to start sorting out figures anyway, and thought it was a good way to pass the time while waiting for trick-or-treaters who never showed up. (On the plus side, there's a full bowl of candy left for me!) I still have to finish 13 more Nightmare Legion to finish the horde. If I don't get them done in time, I will swap that unit out for some other skeletons.

Halloween craftiness below. I've been sick the past few days, but enjoyed a little bit of the holiday spirit. Made the mask but didn't really wear it other than for a quick photo.


  1. That is a sinister mask - you should wear it for for your KoW game - it'll put your opponent right off. Especially if you say nothing during the course of the game...

    Splendid looking horde by the way.

  2. Great looking army. Yeah that mask is cool and creepy. We've seen a decline in trick or treaters over the years. The neighborhood one block over has a big block party/ decoration contest, so everyone goes over there. One house had beers to give out for the adults.

    1. Someone at work was talking about the "adult treats" in their neighborhood -- beer, spiked cider, etc. The up side (for trick or treaters) of our neighborhood being so slow is that the portions our neighbors give out is larger, since there's hardly anyone else around to take it!