25 October 2017

The Future (is Inorganic)

A little over a week ago I decided I wanted to finally work on my Eclectic Meat Hating Robot Pirate project.

This week I discovered Immaterium Sargassum and the related Facebook group.

So I'm fully switched on with the 'bots now. It's hard finding exactly what I want, and there are a bunch of robots that I'm not interested in for various reasons. I also plan on scratch building, kit bashing, and sculpting. But here's a look at what I've got, what I want, and what I'm still considering in terms of existing minis...

On Board
('bots I gots)

(Only the first one is assembled & painted, rest of the images stolen off the internets.)

Planned Aquisitions
('bots I wants)

From Hydra Miniatures - they have great robots, but unfortunately most are a little too retro '50s sci-fi for this project.

The Warmachine Mariner is at the top of my list.

Another Warmachine mini

Two from Reaper.

There are several I'm interested in, from the above Taban "Eden" minis.

Likewise, several minis from the above range recently acquired by Armorcast.

Not a mini... yet. But I plan on scratch building/sculpting a Pain Bot. Because I need to.

(still undecided)


Mantic (would add guns)

Effin Cool



Black Cat



GW (would remove central meat parts)



  1. If you don't make a Bender for this project, I'm taking you out of my will.

  2. Like this...?


    1. I was hoping to see your own take on him 😉

  3. To be honest, most of those robots look cool - I would have a hard job choosing. You definitely need a Folder 3000 though.

  4. If any of your other bots are even half as cool as that first yellow one, then we are all in for a treat.

    1. Thanks. I think I've probably started off with the largest & most interesting. Not sure if the remainder will look as impressive.

  5. Some good stuff there. Pain Bot has to happen. I purchased the Robot Menace from Bombshell awhile back. They may not work for you as they are "Brain in a Jar" robots. Funnily enough I named my minion bots HU-E, DU-E, and LU-E after Silent Running. I didn't think to look for actual sculpts of those bots.