26 November 2017

Armored Skeletons and some Characters

I managed to squeak out some painting over the holiday, mostly sneaking off a few minutes at a time.

About 80% done with the batch of "armored skeletons". I still need to do some highlighting, patch & paint the shields, glue them on, and flock the bases.

I also painted a couple of characters. Summoners, champions, whatever -- the guys who summon & control the huge units/legions. They'll fill the space of 4 regular rank & file.

At this rate, I'll have nothing left to paint for Deadcember.


  1. Love the glow emanating from the brazier!

  2. Yes, that mini diorama with the brazier is amazing. It's the only time I've ever seen that particular miniature (from the old Citadel LOTR range, I think) look menacing.

    Also, I love that orange rust effect that you used on the rank and file. It looks grand.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I believe this was one of the LotR barrow wights, all of which had a somewhat "quirky" look to them. Glad my attempt at making him appear more sinister came through.