25 November 2017

Deadcember Dreaming

The "Age of Zogmar" page header got old. It was just a bit of a joke to begin with, and I've just been too lazy to change it until now. Even before the approach of Deadcember, I've been back on the undead track.

I thought the holiday (Thanksgiving) weekend and my recovering eyes would mean more painting time, and I've had just a little so far. But I was playing around with the Prisma photo app again, and took a few pics of my older skeletons. So new header pic, it is!

I did get a sneaky head start on a few minis for Deadcember, but nothing worth photographing yet.

I've had my eye open for good miniatures/gaming related Black Friday sales. But I didn't buy anything today. There were a few temptations... But I'm trying to stick with painting what I've already got here.

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