16 November 2017

Post Fest & Pre Deadcember

Forgot to post a few more things I picked up while I was gaming at the FLGS.

Fairly inexpensive, thought they would be good additions for theoretical future gaming.

The other thing I was checking out was board games suitable for solo play. I'm going to drop some heavy hints for Christmas. I'm leaning towards trying the D&D Temple of Elemental Evil board game as an entry level game. Open to other suggestions.

Deadcember and My Bleeding Eyes

Not much painting going on. Eyes are still having some problems, but hoping that I can start seeing clearly, and painting again by the end of the month. That brings me to Deadcember. I have some skeletal units started, I'd like to finish them, plus a few "wishlist" items that I'm not sure how to proceed with (don't have the figures!) Here's my plan for that...

Horde (40) of old plastic Citadel skeletons.
Regiment (20) of old Citadel & Black Tree armoured skeletons.
Horde (40-ish) of non-human humanoid skeletons (mixed manufacturers)

(...plus wishlist...)

2 really old plastic citadel skeleton cavalry (have 8, need 2 more)
2 skeleton standard bearers on skeletal steeds
2 skeletal characters ("lesser liches" or skeletal necromancers) on skeletal steeds

I wouldn't mind painting up a skeletal monster too, but I don't really have anything on hand at the moment.


  1. I hope your eyes start to get better soon - it must be very worrying. I'm looking forward to seeing how the horde grows.

    1. Thanks. Finally starting to improve & finally getting to see the ophthalmologist Monday, hoping things will return to normal(ish) soon.

  2. It is my understanding that the D&D board games are fairly suitable for solo/casual play, although I am uncertain which is best to start with (there are four now!). You may want to poke around boardgame geek. You sometimes see tiles and other components on Ebay, which would open up more play opportunities.

    Hope your eyes get better soon.

    1. Thanks. I was reading reviews & solo game lists at Boardgame Geek, and it sounds like Temple is the best of the series, so if I give it a try, I'll start with that one.

  3. Wait, there's a Temple of Elemental Evil board game??? Tell me more!

    That's an impressive pile of bones to aim to get done. I suppose the ancient naked skeletons will be relatively quick. I feel a mixture of envy and relief about the fact I don't currently have a big rank and file project to tackle...

    1. I started following a solo miniatures gaming group on Facebook and someone posted pics of playing the Ravenloft board game solo. After looking that up, I discovered there is a series of D&D based dungeon-crawl boardgames with miniatures, some of which are suitable for solo play. ToEE is thought by some people to be the best of the series, plus it's got a nostalgia value as I've got fond memories of playing through the RPG when I was young.


      Yes, I figure the plastic skeletons are easy to quick-paint. Probably take longer to clean & assemble (which I've started) than to actually paint. Just another reason I like them. Half of the non-human skeletons I have to paint are just the same minis but with either the ram's head from that set, or with other alternate animal skulls I've scavenged from other kits (horse, skaven, etc.) So those will be easy too.

      I already have those three units started, so I only need to paint something like 32 of the naked skeletons, 15 armoured, and 15+/- of the non-humans. I've got the partial units on the back of my desk, I should have taken a pic.

      Plus I think I will swap 4 skeletons for a character vignette on a 40x40 base as I've previously done.

  4. I had a look at a couple of ToEE reviews, it looks pretty good. I'm in no position to fling money at new games, sadly.

    I hope you've got a bone spray can for those skeletons, it saves so much time on minis like that ;)

    All I have on my table today is ONE odd Space Marine inquisitor type and ONE random halfling for Frostgrave. Mostly because my next job is to build and paint 10 assorted Rhino variants for my Space Marines, but it's still an odd feeling...

    1. I'm not in a position to buy board games either. But I'm going to drop hints since my Christmas & my birthday are both coming up next month. ;)

      No bone spray. I use several different shades of white & tan (and several different washes) to give the skeletons variety. It doesn't take too long, I use a big brush.

      You said you didn't have any big rank & file projects. 10 rhinos sounds like it fits that description. Haha.