15 July 2018

Failed Morale, Part 2

Rather than reply to the comments on my last post, I'm just going to say a few things here.

First, I appreciate everyone reaching out. Thank you.

Second, it's not really just about miniatures & gaming and how I feel about that. My interest is still as strong as ever, but I'm frustrated by the lack of time and that's where the blues set in. I haven't had time for any other hobbies or interests in years, either. Life is my job and housework and sleep. That's pretty much it. It takes up 25 hours of the day, and it's exhausting. I've been having an increasingly hard time with this & feeling burned out -- I think that's where that last post came from. A bit personal, maybe not really appropriate for a hobby blog. But aside from work I don't really get to talk to actual people anymore.
Painting minis is the most "me time" I currently get. Most of that is done in stolen moments, 10 minutes at a time between other tasks (my desk is next to the laundry, so I'll frequently splash some paint on while waiting for the washer to fill up...), or maybe (if I can manage) I stay up late and paint for an hour instead of getting the sleep I probably need even more. For now I'm just trudging on. As I said, painting is about the only thing I can manage for myself, so for now I'm going to keep doing it. But I think I'm giving up on the illusion of gaming.


  1. what you are talking about happens to everyone. and i'm sure that many other can relate here.
    take some time out. don't apply any pressure to your hobby time. it's there to fill the gaps after all and should be a fun experience. this happens to me at least a couple o times a year. i just reel back the hobby stuff and pack it away until time makes itself free for me again..hence why my own blogging is rather stop start
    i'm sure things will work out for you take it easy and don't stress :)

  2. What Ampersand said. Mainly don't stress. I think it is quite common to get bogged down in real life and feel you don't have the time and energy for hobbies. My guitar playing has been non existent for years now, Martial Arts is way on the back burner, and miniatures gets fit in where it can. One thing that helps, if you have kids, is that eventually they can start pulling some weight. My kids are doing their own laundry and will be doing the dishes more frequently. Also you might consider identifying one event per year and just take some toys to it. Again, just let happen and don't worry about it.