22 July 2018

Halberdiers... Almost Done, But Not Yet

Finished some of the remaining few halberdiers who have been langquishing on my desk, almost but not quite painted. There are just two left - the standard bearer and a trumpeter.

Whike digging through some boxes in the basement, I aals unearthed the man... err, Hobbit, who started the whole JTC concept. Nob Scrobbleton was my character in a too-brief return to oldschool RPG (2nd Ed. AD&D) a few years ago. I brought him back as the inspiration for Scrobbleton's Jackrabbit Trading Company, though hadn't really thought about a wargame miniature or using him in any scenarios. Last bit of fluff I published here on the blog (start of the campaign) has him taken prisoner by the Marienburg authorities. At any rate, this Reaper mini is the one I used for Nob in the RPG.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic work ! Love the color-scheme of your Halberdiers !
    The purple looks awesome !