03 December 2018

Bones & Ballistae

Aside from Maurice Delamorte and his skeletons (which is more about him -- the raised skeletons are just his weapon of choice) I think I still prefer keeping the undead largely anonymous. However, I couldn't help building a history in my head for these skeleton crewed ballistae. The old skeleton impaled by a spear -- or BOLT -- sealed it. Still working on writing it out well, but the gist is that Ernst Wagner was a brilliant Imperial captain of artillery in the age before gunpowder. He took his artillery freelance, and then chose the wrong side in a rebellion or inter-provincial feud. His strength was partially in selecting the best position for his artillery, but in his final battle, he was equaled, if not bested. He was shot down by a lucky counter-battery shot, and their position was overrun by outriders sent to hunt them down while they were distracted by the return fire.

As useful as he and his battery were in life, it wasn't long before someone came up with the idea of summoning them back from the grave...

Painted two more of the Grenadier ballistae. These two only had one of the original crew, so I converted a couple of plastic Citadel skeletons to act as crew. Ernst, their captain, is an old Citadel mini (metal) as well.

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