22 December 2018

Old World Army Challenge 2

I am taking part in the 2018 Old World Army Challenge.

The OWAC involves participants painting 200 points of "Oldhammer" miniatures (3rd/4th ed. WFB) each month for six months, one of which is a mulligan, so we each end up with a 1000 point army at the end.

I've posted my first entry there. I'm not going to repeat it here -- follow the link to check it out. I'll be doing Sea Elves to go with my Marienburgers.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, great project! Will be nice to see those old plastics painted by your hand :) Took a look at some of the other entrants, so many lovely 80s minis waiting to be painted. Just as well I didn't know about this before I started on my Orc project... ;)