22 December 2018

Expanding Deadcember '18

After hitting Deadcember '18 pretty strong in the first week and a half, painting slowed down a bit for various reasons. But I did just wrap up a few more minis...

A second screaming skull catapult (the last artillery piece in the foreseeable future) and two non-human skeletons. I'm not going to get to particular about their heritage. Maybe they're ogres, maybe... who knows. 40mm minis from the (former?) "Heroes of Myth and Legend" range.

Spent half of this week in San Antonio for work. Texas is becoming my second home...

Welcomed by a Curtiss Jenny in the airport when I arrived around midnight.

Had a couple hours before flying out, got to visit the Alamo!

Flying over Chicago at night was pretty cool. Have only seen if by day before.

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