12 August 2019

Spinning Old Figures into the Web

Some old figures painted years ago, but they were out and working their way into the "Althammer" stories evolving in my head.

Long ago the orcs were driven from the Old World. The Old Gods as well. But among the Great Orcs of the Grey Mountains, a few refused to flee or end the fight. For over a hundred years, one of these stubborn beasts -- the Khorc -- has fought on. The legends vary. It is unknown whether the Khorc is a single orc who forged a pact with the Dark Powers and has gained an extended lifespan. Some legends say that he lives as long as he fights. Blood and skulls fuel his body and soul. According to other stories, there have been several Khorcs, each defeating the previous wielder of the great daemonic axe and chaos armour, claiming the artifacts as trophies and extending the battle...

Merchants and adventurers sail the globe to make their fortunes in Marienburg. Some do so under more favorable winds....

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