06 August 2019

Of the Grill, Elemental Evil, and even more Oathmark

Home alone this past Saturday night. A rare occurrence. The first part of the day was spent being responsible. But I decided to indulge once dinner hit. Grilled some steak and ate outside on a pleasant afternoon. (Saved one for the next morning's breakfast, but my asshole dog ruined that plan.) A few glasses of La Fin du Monde accompanied me through my evening's adventures...

I built (10) more Oathmark humans (a couple of GW heads used for variety again. I've now got (20) built and I'm debating whether to use the remaining for (10) archers or (5) archers and (5) more melee troops.

Then I finally broke the seal on the Temple of Elemental Evil board game I've had sitting around for about 2.5 years. I've been planning to try solo gaming of some sort to scratch the itch, I finally had an evening to indulge...

After reading a little on BGG, I opted to run the solo game with (3) heroes: ranger, cleric, rogue. They struggled to make it through the first scenario, and the unexpected deadly killer of the group is the rogue. In fact, game would have been over already if he hadn't saved it at least twice now. At the end I realized that not only didn't I separate the "advanced" cards out (fought a lot of tough opponents!) but I also forgot to collect treasure until the end of the scenario!

The second mission went much easier.

I'm debating whether I should paint the minis or not.

It was a fun game, and solo is better than no gaming, even if it took this long to get to it. It would have been more enjoyable with friends, though. Still, I hope I can run through the rest of the campaign.

The previous weekend was my daughter's 8th birthday. For the first time, she wanted to have her party at home. We're lucky that her birthday is in Summer, so we have outdoor options available. We borrowed a bounce-house from some friends. The party theme was loosely "monsters" and dressing up/cosplay was encouraged. (My daughter was a zombie.) As I was chaperoning the bounce house, one of the kids dropped this awesome mask over my head and told me I was "a unicorn dad now."


  1. Steak for a day alone is certainly elevated far above the PB&J standing over the sink that I usually eat on those rare days!

    And I have long eyed those D&D board games for the same reason, solo gaming is better than naught.

    1. It was a decent game. I'd definitely like to play some more. Would make a good beer & pretzels game with friends or family game. It's OK as a solo game. Just enough decision making to keep it from being a pure game of chance.

      The evening's solo gaming was a tough decision between this and Rangers of Shadow Deep. I may give that a try should I get another evening to myself.

  2. A fair few Belgian beers have accompanied some of my wargaming adventures - excellent choice!

    1. Cheers! I've lost my taste for most beers lately, with a few exceptions - some Belgian (or "Belgian style") ales, and a few porters & brown ales in Autumn/Winter. I like bottle conditioned ales, and the Unibroue ales are among my favorites. (And since they're more affordable to me here in North America, I tend to drink them more than my favorite ales from Belgium itself.)