22 October 2019

Half-Orctober '19 - Complete

Finished my Orctober (Half-Orctober) goal a week early. 24 Grenadier/Mirliton half-orcs, with an oldschool Ctiadel figure mixed in to round the regiment to 25.

Time for a group photo!

Along with the completion of my Orctober/Half-Orctober '19 goal, that also finishes the half-orc project. At least in terms of figures I already owned & planned (for several years now) to paint & form a small contingent for gaming. (Should I ever get the chance to play games again.) A really enjoyable project! As nice as it is to feel a sense of completion, I'm already thinking 10 more archers would be a good addition. And my eyes will be open for more/new opportunities to add to this. But for now I'm done. 😁
  • 25 Warriors (mostly Grenadier)
  • 16 Warriors (Old CItadel)
  • 30 Warriors (Black Tree and a few Reaper Miniatures)
  • 10 Archers (Grenadier/Mirliton)
  • 5 Skirmishers (Alternative Armies)
  • 1 General (Grenadier/Mirliton)
  • 1 Shaman (Reaper)
  • 1 Standard Bearer (Unknown - maybe Grenadier?)


  1. Great looking army!

    A few more skirmishers and the archers you mentioned might round things out nicely, but you a great playable force here.

    1. Thanks. And yes, if I see some suitable figures, a few more skirmishers might be nice. Especially if I can get some armed with ranged weapons

  2. Oh, man! They look Fabulous!