30 October 2019

Prepping Bones

Probably not going to paint much in the next month -- but who knows. But I did get to start prepping some Bones. Some Bones bones, in fact. First was just a dry fit of the two large dragons from the last Reaper Bones KS. They still need to be cleaned and glued.

I did actually clean and glue the skeletal beasts set.

I got the set of 6 wraiths, but haven't started cleaning them yet. I think I'm going to cut off the bendy weapons and replace them with hard plastic.

And lastly... after posting the pic of the mycomancer, I got the urge to look on eBay for the Fungal Queen, which was part of a larger set that I didn't want to buy into on the KS. But I did want to get this figure (and maybe one or two others) when it became available individually. This one also happens to be cast in Bones Black, which -- I know now -- is not actually black.


  1. I'm sorted shocked, I assumed Bones Black were black too :|

    Lots of cool spooky stuff tho, dig that wraith pack, smart to swap the whippy sticks out!

    1. Yes, they're nice models other than the weapons. I'm curious how they would be in Bones Black. The only model I have to judge the material by so far is the Fungal Queen, and it's go no thin parts. But it does seem like a possibly more rigid material.