29 December 2019

2019 Wrap-Up

2019 was a bit like 2018. Not much gaming, but I did some painting. Didn't buy many figures, so the balance of painted vs. unpainted continues to grow.

Quick look at the gaming related goals I had for 2019 when I wrote up my 2018 year end entry...

Plus I had some other things I hoped to get to, with varied success. I knew I wouldn't do them all, but they were on my mind as possibilities. On the positive side:
  • Trolls. Got the last two Marauder trolls I was missing from my youth & painted them, plus a new set of Drew Williams trolls and a few others.
  • Half-Orcs. I finished painting the last regiment of old half-orcs I had remaining. While no project is ever truly "finished" this one is wrapped up other than a couple of odd figures still in the bin.
  • Gaming. While this is an in-between thing. I would have liked to do more, but did manage to get in a few more games of Dungeon! with my family, tried out a few games of Kill Team with friends, and played a couple of solo games of Temple of Elemental Evil, and a third one with my daughter. I had planned on starting Rangers of Shadow Deep and/or Sellswords & Spellslingers, but I only got as far as making a 3x3 game board and few terrain pieces (plus a handfull of minis for the first Shadow Deep scenarios.)

Now, on to the PICTURES!


My first games of Kill Team were quite fun.

And I played some boardgames, both solo & with my family.


Old World Army Challenge 2. This was my first year for the OWAC, and I used it as motivation to paint the sea elf contingent I had planned for years. Top photo is the final OWAC pic, but I painted a handful of figures afterward...

And then the misc. painting....

Prep for future Shadow Deep games. (More not pictured.)

Rat Ogre conversion I had planned for many long years.


Random mid-year undead.

Mucklegeet, the Heresy Miniatures giant finished!

Slow year for the hobbits, but I painted these scouts.

Witch hunter and the start of a mob.

Last of the half-orcs finished! (More or less...)

One of those modest "grail" figures. I had wanted this figure since I was a kid. Saw it up for sale on FB and jumped on it!

Deadcember 2019.

So what are my miniatures/gaming hopes and dreams for 2019?

The given:
  • Old World Army Challenge 3. I am painting wood elves this time.
  • Giants in April.
  • Deadcember. Always Deadcember.
The Dream:

I'm still thinking about my Althammer 2021 idea. In short, I turn 50 in 2021 and would like to play some games. Particularly some oldschool gaming, and indulging in some of the scenarios/campaign ideas I've been rolling around. But given how recent years have gone, and how quickly my 50th is approaching, I'm losing hope that this idea will come together as I'm still missing most of the key ingredients to make it happen. So I'm torn on how much to select what to paint in 2019 with that fading goal in mind.
The painting:
  • Hobbits/JTC. I'm having some issues getting the remaining figures to round off my ideal regiment sizes, but I think I'll go ahead and get going on what I've got.
  • Humans/JTC. I've probably got near 100 infantry and 12 light cavalry.
  • Misc. Humans. To be used as bandits, outcasts, militia, low-grade mercenaries, etc. Roughly 60 infantry, 12-15 heavy cav.
  • Shields for the sea elf spear unit.
  • Sea elf fish mage, banshee, and finish the shore riders.
The gaming:
  • I would like to play some more Temple of Elemental Evil. Preferably with other people, but solo if not.
  • I'd also like to play some Rangers of Shadow Deep or Sellswords & Spellslingers. Again, preferably with others, but solo if not.
  • I would really love to meet up with some other Oldhammer fans and play some 3rd ed. Or 6th. Or maybe even something else. As long as it's not some sort of competitive tournament.

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