08 December 2019

Early Deadcember Progress Plus Others

Happy Birthday To Me!
(Born on Pearl Harbor Day)

I got a quick jump on Deadcember painting...

These four skeletal beasts plus one other all painted the first few days of the month.

Painting stalled for a few days, mostly due to work. But I've managed to finish prepping stuff for an optimistic rest of the month. Skeletal and zombie dragons, 25 armored skeletal spearmen, 6 wraiths, 1 undead Lemmy Kilmister, and and if I get through that, I'll try to paint as many of the (unknown total) skeleton cavalry as possible.

I'm going to make a magnetized spot on the skeleton dragon base for Lemmy. Because they look so good together. I'll make an alternate filler for the spot for case where he's not present on the base, too -- because I may want to use him as an undead hero in regiments. \m/

December er, Deadcember is a bit of a clusterfuck for me. I'm trying to finish some custom vinyl/art toy stuff for holiday gallery shows. The first two (below) have been sent to Clutter Gallery for their Gift Wrapped show. I've got a couple more due for another east cost gallery... but more on that later.

In the meantime, I've also been prepping (stripping, mostly) figures for the 2020 Old World Army Challenge aka OWAC3. This year, I plan on painting a bunch of wood elves, mostly late 80s vintage Citadel lead (Jes Goodwin sculpts) plus a few from Ral Partha & Grenadier. I'm still after a few of the Goodwin elves, if anyone has some to spare. Archers/scouts and a few specific comment figures in particular.


  1. Let me know what you're looking for, I think I still have some of these in the loft. Wood Elves were set to be my next army when they canned WHFB :(

    1. I need to check my list, but I think I could use 6 archers/scouts. There are a couple pf command figures I'd like too, but those are more specific to avoid duplicates and are lower on my priorities (even if they'd be more fun to paint.) But I'd hate to steal from your project. F' the End Times, keep holding on to the Old World. That's all I'm doing.

    2. I've had a hunt around, and I can only find much more modern Elves. I think I must have cleared out all the old ones previously?

      I should have a go at this OWAC thing sometime