24 June 2020


I'm trying to get through the last month of the Old World Army Challenge, but struggling. I've already met the minimum requirements, so I'm technically in the clear. But I had some remaining figures I wanted to include, and would like to finish them for the sake of "completing" the challenge army. (I know full well no project is ever "finished." But I'd like to complete what I have on hand.)

Along those lines, I painted a tiny "bonus figure" to go with the OWAC wood elves. Because I'm easily distracted. I believe it's from a pack of familiars from Reaper.

While digging through bins of old figures, I came across most of an old Nurgle chaos warband, painted long ago....


I finally received this giant forest troll, Lempo, from the Sandstorm Miniatures KS. Another Drew Williams sculpted troll to add to my growing collection. The little details are amazing. For scale reference, the grid on the cutting mat is 1" x 1".

I also made a couple of impulsive Clearance Sale purchases online. One was a couple of sample packs of Scotia Grendel (former Harlequin sculpts, I think) orcs that I've been eyeing as possibilities for more half-orcs/hob-orcs. Here's a scale comparison pic. The Stygian orc (left) is at the smaller end of the scale, the Greater orc (Uruk) is at the larger end, especially if he was standing up straight. Accompanying them are painted orcs/half-orcs/hobgoblins from Grenadier/Mirliton, Black Tree, Midlam, and Reaper

The other thing I bought was a bargain purchase of a resin inn from Blue Moon Manufacturing. Looks great, but trying to do a dry fit today I couldn't get the parts to align like they do in the second pic (stolen from the online shop.)

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