11 June 2020

Remote Gaming, Stuff

We've been cleaning out the garage. I;m going to take advantage o that and try to clear out a space for a larger game table than the 3ft x 3ft I've been using in the basement/dungeon for Sellwords lately.

I got a couple of small folding tables to prop up the old panels I made in the old attic....

My plan is to try a combo of solo gaming, but also involve some remote participants. Maybe I use Hail Caesar/Shadowstorm -- the remote generals give orders and then I solo the minutia and dice rolls, documenting the whole thing here. Maybe even with some videos.

Outside of the garage, and before I started on the table space, we had our first guest over since the pandemic began. We kept out distances, had another fire. It was good. We even talked a little gaming stuff.

I found an old Metal Magic figure in a bin. Thought I'd paint it since I recently posted a bunch of old Metal Magic figures I painted long ago.

Also thought I'd share this blank meme set-up I made based on someone from the FB solo gaming group's photo of their cat at the table. Too easy, it was an absolutely perfect photo for the meme... :)


  1. That cat is perfect, and good to see a gaming area slowly coming together! How's the temperature in there? No doubt you have it covered!

    1. Temperature varies. It can get pretty hot. But I have a couple of fans I can use to help with that. I'm sure it will be OK.